Commuters to benefit from Wi-Fi river boats

British shipbuilding company Wight Shipyard has announced that it has received orders for boats kitted out with the latest Wi-Fi technology.

Announced during London International Shipping Week, the company says that the orders, worth £20 million, are for four boats for the Isle of Wight and London, shipping passengers along the Thames and between Southampton and the Isle of Wight.

The boats, which can carry some 14,000 commuters a day during rush hour, are fitted with Wi-Fi technology and USB phone chargers to enhance the passenger experience.

Transport Minister John Hayes said: “Countless more commuters will be able to travel in modern, fully kitted out boats built in the UK - helping to slash congestion on our roads and railways. What’s more, the world is watching and wanting our iconic boats, Wight Shipyard deserve all of our thanks and congratulations for its first international order. Not only are companies like Wight Shipyard providing specialist training opportunities, they are helping boost our vital maritime sector and the UK economy - especially important making the pace as we look beyond the bureaucracy of the EU to our European friends across the world.”

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