Free to use Wi-Fi rolled out to all GP surgeries

A scheme being rolled out across the country means that every patient in England will have access to free Wi-Fi in GP practices.

NHS Wi-Fi will be rolled out to all general practices across England by 31 December 2017 and patients will be able to access the internet free of charge on their smart phone or tablet in their GP’s waiting room.

It will allow patients to link in with local health clinics and services and is paving the way for future developments in digital healthcare.

Internet access will be granted through an NHS.UK landing page and will allow patients to access and download health apps, browse the internet and look up health care information.

Plans are also in place to make free Wi-Fi accessible in hospitals and the rest of secondary care by December 2018.

David Corbett, NHS Wi-Fi Programme Head at NHS Digital, said: "The introduction of free Wi-Fi services across NHS primary and secondary care locations is a response to feedback from patients and staff. It will provide an efficient, reliable and secure platform that will enable patients and carers to access and utilise digital health and care services. This will support improved patient experience and help patients to take more control and have more involvement in the delivery of their care. It will also provide clinicians and other NHS staff with greater access to online information, services and tools which will support them to deliver better care, and ultimately improve clinical outcomes."

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