G-Cloud moves under GDS

With G-Cloud iii live and its use becoming routine with the mandation of a 'Cloud First' policy across central government, the government's G-Cloud programme has transitioned to 'business as usual' under the auspices of the Government Digital Service (GDS).

On the team's blog, former programme director, Home Office IT Director, Denise McDonagh, writes: "It has always been the intention to move the programme into "business as usual", and now is the natural time for this to happen, on the back of our successes: three procurement frameworks, the launch of our new improved CloudStore; acceptance of the Public Cloud First mandate across central government; and sales on a steep upward curve, soaring close to £22m to the end of April."

She adds, "I believe that it is one of the most disruptive changes for good that I've seen in my entire career in government IT, and I believe this will forever change the way we commission and use IT in the public sector. Time after time, the G-Cloud team has shown boundless energy, not taken "no" for an answer, and achieved the seemingly impossible... I am hugely proud to have been part of this team.
"This has been the most enjoyable rollercoaster ride ever!"

A Cabinet Office spokesperson said, "With the launch of G-Cloud iii, the procurement framework and CloudStore platform have reached a level of maturity where they can transition into 'business as usual'. GDS is well positioned to manage this, and the groundbreaking change that the G-Cloud team have introduced can be significantly bolstered by the wider change activities within GDS.
"There will be no interruption in the service for buyers and suppliers."

McDonagh maintains that "G-Cloud is a real game-changer", seeing it as an enabler for efficiency, reform and growth, "which closely links it to the principles that underpin the Government Digital Service (GDS). As we pass the baton over, I want to thank all those who have worked on G-Cloud, past and present - for such a small team, this has been a massive achievement. We could never have done this without the support we have had from hundreds of suppliers, industry and trade press, as well as the many friends of G-Cloud outside the programme. I'm truly grateful for your passion, commitment and thought leadership. You have been amazing - thank you."

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