5G capacity could end fixed-line contracts

A leading broadband expert has claimed that 5G mobile data will be so reliable and fast most homes will no longer need a separate home broadband connection.

David Dyson, Three UK's chief executive, told BBC News that there would be enough capacity on 5G to cope with demand, and therefore households would be able to save money by ending their fixed-line contracts.

Planning to launch its first 5G services in the UK as soon as the middle of next year, Dyson predicts that consumers will use 13 times as much mobile data in 2025 as today. 5G is reported to be going to be able to offer download speeds of up to 10GBps or even 20GBps - although these are unlikely to be attained for many years.

Dyson said: “Maybe not for the whole country, but certainly a significant majority of the country, I strongly believe 5G can offer a good enough home broadband experience for people to effectively ditch their copper [or fibre] connection. The challenge in terms of why we can't do that today is that the mobile networks don't have the capacity with 3G or 4G. 5G changes all of that."

BT's mobile division, EE, has recently switched on nine 5G trial sites in London. Additionally, Vodafone and O2 have also bought spectrum to launch 5G services of their own in the country.

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