New G-Cloud services announced for public sector procurement

Public sector bodies will now be able to buy a further 3,000 IT services through the cloud computing services catalogue set up by the Government, the Cabinet Office has announced.
The Government department said that 458 suppliers were now offering anti-spam, simulation and training, and other services available for procurement through the Government's 'CloudStore'.

It is the second "G-Cloud supplier framework" announced by the Government. The system allows public sector bodies to gain access to services being offered by the listed suppliers over the period of a year. It said that the number of suppliers, 75% of which are small or medium-sized enterprises, had nearly doubled from the number listed in the initial G-Cloud supplier framework that has been in existence since February.

"This second G-Cloud procurement builds on the success of the first," the Cabinet Office said in a statement. "It will continue the transformation in how the public sector buys, manages and delivers IT services, and how suppliers work with government, driving greater efficiency and savings for the taxpayer."

"Since February, public sector organisations have been able to purchase a range of the best IT services off the shelf from the Government’s CloudStore on a 'pay-as-you-go' basis, rather than having to develop their own systems. This model means the government can use what it wants, when it wants it, and save money by avoiding duplication of services that cannot be shared. It avoids the Government being locked into long-term contracts," it added.

The G-Cloud network was set up by the Government to "substantially reduce the cost of communication services across UK Government and enable new, joined-up and shared public services for the benefit of citizens," according to the Cabinet Office.

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