Council websites failing to live up to digital by default

Socitm, the society for IT managers, has said the performance of many council websites indicated that local authorities were not signed up to the idea of digital by default services.

Satisfaction was "down on all measures", the society said, adding that visit failure rates were on the up.
Navigation for top tasks continued to be a key weakness in council websites, with only 37 per cent passing the standard set by Socitm's Better connected assessment.
The society warned that a failure to improve websites, or even maintain existing standards, would undermine the potential to deliver savings and efficiencies associated with channel shift.
It also meant that customers' growing expectations of what service delivery online should be like would not be met.
Martin Reeves, chief executive of Coventry City Council and president of Solace said: "The report gives us an important insight into how it feels as a customer of our services and for some of us it's a salutary reminder that stuff that feels obvious to us can seem a mystery to the vast majority of people who don't understand our jargon and our organisational structures."
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