Government backs cutting edge medical technologies

Revolutionary new cancer test could change the way cancer is diagnosed and treated A new prototype cancer test that could help thousands of cancer patients is one of the five projects that has been awarded funding from our National Institute

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, has made clear that the Government is determined to make the UK a world leader in cutting edge medical technology and research and will back projects that help achieve that goal.

This new technology has just received funding from the Department of Health’s NIHR i4i programme and will now undergo clinical trials before potentially being used in the NHS.

Other successful devices that have received funding include new computerised glasses which could help the 1.8 million people who have serious problems with their sight. The glasses contain tiny cameras that detect people and obstacles and relay this back to the person wearing the glasses by illuminating a set of small bright LED lights embedded into the lenses of the glasses.

Over £3 million of funding has been awarded to these five projects. The other successful projects were:

  • A new smart phone to help widen access to HIV testing in GP surgeries, pharmacies, community settings, and developing countries.
  • Improved imaging around joints such as cortical bone, tendons and ligaments to avoid unnecessary surgery on healthy tissue.
  • Electrical and mechanical stimulation of major muscles in the legs to improve blood circulation and reduce risk of deep vein thrombosis in patients under critical care.

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