Council boasting advanced cloud It systems

City of Wolverhampton Council has appointed automation specialist PowerON to maximise its use of Microsoft System Center and launch an innovative Microsoft Azure Hybrid Cloud model.

Keen to automate more IT tools, enable the pro-active monitoring of hardware, and streamline software distribution, the council is using PowerON to provide powerful, high quality IT management and cloud automation solutions.

City of Wolverhampton Council, which recently won the Local Authority of the Year Award at the Municipal Journal (MJ) Awards 2017, now boasts one of the public sector’s most advanced cloud based IT systems. Following its success, PowerON is now replicating the solution blueprint at a number of other local authorities in areas such as Suffolk, Hounslow, Barnsley and Wirral.

Paul Dunlavey, Enterprise Manager at City of Wolverhampton Council, says: “PowerON thrives on being agile and flexible which made them the ideal partner for this large-scale project. They made the adoption of the cloud an easy process and the speed it took to build the infrastructure, which had been a barrier to adopting these technologies in the past, resulted in major cost savings against our initial forecast of how long it would take do in-house. Ultimately it has transformed the way the whole council works.

“Another benefit is the size reduction of both our primary and secondary datacentres which has generated both office space and further savings. Importantly, it has also paved the way for the council to migrate larger systems to the cloud and within two years the aim is to have all primary business applications running from the cloud.”

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