Online information for council parking services weak

Socitm have reported that council parking services should improve their provision of online information and services, offering a particularly poor service for drivers with disabilities.

The Better Connected report, which carries out surveys on local authority websites that test the usability of the information and services they provide, finds that it is odd that sites refer to blue badges being required for users of parking bays for disabled people without providing links to further information about how to get one. In fact, fewer than half of the 210 sites tested made it easy to find information on how and where to apply for a disabled person's parking badge.

The report highlighted Basildon, Bromsgrove, Cambridge, Carlisle, Charnwood, Dorset districts, Scarborough, Uttlesford, Warwick and Waverley as examples for other councils to follow, after discovering that only 23 per cent of sites provide an online application form and only 15 per cent a form that is both responsive and interactive.

Councils made a record £819 million from their parking operations in 2016-17, up 10 per cent from 2015-16 and 40 per cent from 2012-13.

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