10 per cent of councils to cut comms team

A survey has revealed that one on every ten councils are planning to reduce staff numbers in their communications teams this year.

The survey, undertaken by Panacea Applications Limited and LG Communications, showed that despite 89 per cent of communications teams claiming that they are meeting their core objectives, 63 per cent said cost cutting was making their job harder. Moreover, 56 per cent also said they expected their budget to be cut further this year.

The news shows a continuation in the trend of downsizing council communication teams, with 60 per cent of councils cutting back their communications teams in 2014, and a vast number of councils also cutting staff numbers in 2015 and 2016.

Rachel Wynne, director of Panacea Applications Limited, said: “Despite the staff cuts they have endured, we see no reduction in the work these teams are required to fulfil. Nonetheless, the latest results show that public sector communication teams are actually still motivated and providing a highly valued service to their organisations.

“With only 38 per cent of respondents having sufficient time to fulfil their work, they are seeking new ways of becoming more efficient and harnessing new technology to reduce spend - with some showing true entrepreneurial spirit and even generating income for their organisations.”

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