UK Cloud adoption lagging behind, according to new software report

A new report has revealed that the UK is falling behind the US in cloud adoption. The report from Redwood Software revealed that 58 per cent of US businesses are already using the Cloud for private data storage, compared to just 35 per cent in the UK. For capacity management, 47 per cent of US businesses are using the cloud, compared to 24 per cent in the UK.
The report also found that almost twice as many organisations in the USA than those in the UK have considered a more integrated supply chain using the cloud (81 per cent vs 41 per cent), and twice as many US organisations are using the cloud to handle the automation of their business processes (30 per cent compared to 14 per cent in the UK).

In the UK, one of the reasons for not applying the Cloud quite as vigorously as the US included the impression that there isn’t enough control, while US main reason for not using Cloud was a ‘lack of resources.’

In terms of attitude, US was more positive about using the Cloud highlighting the improved agility, faster ROI and reduced labour costs.

The UK cited similar benefits, but to a lesser extent.

“American organisations seem to be streets ahead in their knowledge, usage and confidence in the cloud,” said Tijl Vuyk, CEO at Redwood Software which carried out the study.“What will be interesting to see is whether this is a sign of things to come for UK businesses and whether the perceived barriers to cloud adoption can be overcome.

“It will also be fascinating to monitor the timescales involved with this change in mindset. Moving to the cloud is not a one-off event and once the platform is utilised, organisations need to have the right management processes in place to ensure secure and seamless provision.”

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