Schools and councils hook up to East Midlands PSN

The East Midlands Public Services Network (emPSN) is now live. The regional communications network has over 1,000 schools and over 400 Lincolnshire County Council sites connected and, in terms of geographical coverage, is the largest regional PSN to be procured in England. This has been developed based on an existing network used by the East Midlands Broadband Consortium.

Kcom was selected to supply the core network, oversee the management of the services that run across it and to provide connections and supporting services to individual customer locations. The shared infrastructure allows regional public sector organisations to collaborate, save costs, improve service delivery to residents and bring the public sector closer to their customers using mobility and flexible working. 

Mike Kendall, managing director of emPSN, the organisation charged with procuring the network and managing the suppliers, says: “Some of the first customers to use the network are the schools, who were previously served by the embc network. The contract with Kcom was signed in March and since then there has been considerable work to make sure that the schools were moved to the emPSN by the time the embc contract expired.”

Judith Hetherington Smith, chief information officer at Lincolnshire County Council is keen to see the network develop:“The transition to live operation is important but it is only the start. We’ve now got a great opportunity to encourage other public sector organisations, across the whole region, to transition their services to emPSN. That includes local authorities, health trusts, emergency services and charitable organisations, particularly those that support the delivery of public services

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