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Datawipe Mobile Phone Erasure
Tabernus Datawipe Mobile Phone Erasure solution provides a single software solution to support all major mobile phone devices. The solution provides a fast, efficient process that is user friendly and generates reports and audit trail for end user and processor.
Key Features:
• Support for Android, Blackberry, and iPhone mobile phones.
• Easy to use, efficient, automated wipe operation process.
• Full audit trail with auto-generated reports.
• User friendly and intuitive interfaces with on screen operator guide.
• Hardware solutions for high volume production.
Mobile Phone Compatibility:
• Android : v1.5 or later
• iPhone: iOS v1.0-6.0
• BlackBerry: OS 4.3 or later
Datawipe Process Steps:
• STEP 1 – RESTORE. Restore the mobile phone to factory condition.
• STEP 2 – ERASE. Load Datawipe application and overwrite desired number of passes*.
• STEP 3 - REPORT. Remove Datawipe application, restore the phone to factory condition again, and generate report.
*iPhone process differs slightly from above. The iPhone has additional capabilities in its iOS for wiping and reflashing to latest iOS. Contact your Tabernus sales rep for more information.
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