Sustainable Direction

Innovative software makes energy monitoring a breeze
Do you want to:

  • Identify ways to save money on your energy bill,
  • Drive behaviour change to a more efficient workplace, and
  • Remove the hassle of CRC compliance?

e-Mission Management is an energy, cost and carbon management and reporting application. This innovative software allows users to report and manage energy information in real time. Typically monitoring will identify ways for organisations to reduce their energy costs by 10-20% (Carbon Trust).

This service allows you to:

1. Produce CRC EES reports – Saving you the £15,500 per year KMPG estimates each participant spends on scheme administration!

2. Drive change in the organisation – Behavioural change starts with knowing what you want to change and then looking at how; “You can’t manage what you don’t measure”.

3. Save money – The e-MM software will report your energy use, cost and carbon emissions in near real time. This programme helps you identify anomalies and patterns, provides data for compliance, information disclosures, employee engagement programmes and more, and helps you to save energy (and therefore cost!)

4. Buy immediately - It is approved by Cabinet Office GPS for all public sector organisations and private companies too, to buy off the G-Cloud without going through further tendering.

For more information
Contact: Dr John Henry Looney
Tel: 01452 382218