PretaGov Limited

"Will PRISM kill the cloud?" Not if you use PretaGov CMS SaaS

PretaGov designs, builds, and maintains secure, fully supported websites and mobile apps exclusively for Governments and their agencies.

Every PretaGov site ensures:

  • Flexible solutions that meet your needs every time - 100% open source SaaS in a private cloud. Do as much or as little design or backend input as you like, working to your budget.
  • UK Data Sovereignty and Data Privacy - PretaGov UK is hosted in UK based, tier 4 data centres. No other country can take your data. We comply with the Data Protection Act
  • Watertight website security - We chose Plone which has the best published security record of any CMS.
  • Comprehensive on-going support when you need it - Phone and email helpdesk with guaranteed response times.
  • Guaranteed uptime even with traffic spikes - Provided by geo-redundancy in UK data centres.
  • Enhanced citizen engagement - Advanced analytics, social media integration, real time engagement and accessibility compliance.

PretaGov has worked with more than 35 Government clients in Health, Transport, Emergency Services, Education, Family and Community Services, and Legal Services. So we understand the specific needs of Government clients and have a track record of delivering innovative solutions under tight deadlines.

PretaGov Limited is included in the G-cloud Services III Framework Agreement and has services available in the HM Government CloudStore.

For more information:
Contact: John Pickles, General Manager, PretaGov