Northampton Borough Council

Young Voices
Northampton Borough Council has set up and worked with a group of homeless young people/or have been through the homelessness process, called Young Voices. Outcomes of the youth involvement sessions raised concerns about communication issues such as gaining access to information, having a say online and reaching out to school aged young people.
As a result, we have funded an initiative called Northampton Young Voices – an interactive website that seeks the views of young people and encourages engagement with the Council.
The site encourages young people to engage with the Housing Solutions team either via direct blogging or responding to questions posed by members of the housing management team. Young people will also be able to represent the council as part of the young voices project and voluntary positions will be available in a range of opportunities. In further support and engagement of young people, social networking sites such as face-book are utilised within the website. The site features a short film about how 16 and 17 year olds can access housing and support, if faced with homelessness.
For more information, contact Phil Holmes in the Housing Options Team at Northampton Borough Council:
Tel: 01604 83709