GGP Systems

GGP Systems provides Corporate Information Systems to improve efficiency and service with UK local government, fire and police.
The company specialises in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Gazetteer Management Systems.
With a 21 year track record of success implementing systems in the public sector, GGP’s software is used daily by tens of thousands of users nationwide.  GGP Systems offers unrivalled know-how and service and the company’s specialists work closely with authorities supporting implementation, system integration and providing advice based on extensive knowledge from over 100 GIS and gazetteer management implementations nationwide.
GGP GIS provides the ability to store complex mapped information and read from and write to spatial databases, meaning information can be shared between departments and partner organisations. This eliminates isolated data silos, reduces data duplicity and improves system interoperability, as well as enabling the joining up of diverse datasets to provide a richer information resource.
GGP’s systems also underpin centralised information systems with easy to use software for the management of corporate land, street and property databases.  GGP’s Gazetteer Management Systems enable rapid access to all authority data for one-stop public information services, including online, call/contact centres and shared services.
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