Future-Tech is a specialist in the design, construction and maintenance of data centres, computer and server roomsTheir core business is the supply, delivery, installation and maintenance of the entire data centre space and all the elements of physical infrastructure that keep your IT working. This includes power, cooling, network cabling, fire prevention and security. Future-Tech has expertise at every stage of the design, construction and maintenance process with experience in projects of all sizes – from small server rooms to large data centres.

Future-Tech employs an expert team of design consultants, project managers, CAD engineers, electricians and service engineers, all of whom have extensive experience in the end-to-end process that surrounds your critical IT infrastructure.

Future-Tech can help you with:

  • Data Centre Design and Build
  • Improvements to your existing facility
  • Updating your M&E after virtualisation has taken place
  • Signing up and understanding the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres
  • Metering IT environments
  • Creating and implementing a sustainable Data Centre Strategy
  • Lowering your PUE
  • Data Centre related training

The Future-Tech team pride themselves on finding the most sustainable and innovative solution for their clients, whether this be working within the physical constraints of a listed building, achieving a desired energy efficiency level or delivering on a preset return on investment (ROI). Each project presents Future-Tech with an opportunity to explore the different technologies available and this results in each project being totally unique. Their solutions have included reclamation of heat energy, all types of “free cooling” and energy optimisation.

Future-Tech is able to approach projects in a unique way because they are totally vendor neutral. This means they have no ties or obligations to any manufacturer, allowing them to specify exactly the right equipment and plant for each application. This approach gives greater flexibility and freedom to their designers and technical engineers, and this in turn gives the best results for their clients.

To show commitment to reducing energy costs and embracing best practice principles, Future-Tech have a range of data centre related training courses and workshops. These cover topics such as The European Code of Conduct on Data Centre Energy Efficiency, improving energy efficiency in existing data centres, designing energy efficiency in new data centres and “free cooling” for data centres. The courses are presented by a consultant with over twenty eight years data centre design and build experience and over thirty five years mechanical and electrical experience. This allows delegates to fully explore ideas and principles, and understand how they would work within their own IT environment.

Visit www.Future-Tech.co.uk to find out more about Future-Tech and the data centre industry. Their website has been designed to work as a resource for people and organisations that have a project on the horizon and wish to understand more. Within the Solutions page of “what we do” is an explanation on the different aspects of data centre infrastructure, for example Hot & Cold Aisle Containment, Free Cooling and Fire Detection & Suppression. There is also a glossary that gives definitions to industry jargon as well as a bank of case studies outlining some of the innovative solutions that have been implemented over the last two years.   

For more information

To discuss any element of data centre design, construction and maintenance feel free to call 0845 9000 127 and one of Future-Tech’s consultants will be happy to assist you.