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Perfect HR Integration Solution
Frontier Software is a leading provider of integrated HR software solutions to many UK local government HR and payroll departments.
chris²¹, Frontier Software’s comprehensive human resource integrated solution, has a range of additional modules including payroll, learning & development, e-recruitment, performance management, employee & manager self service, multiple contracts and time & attendance. The software is Real Time Information (RTI) compliant and has successfully passed the HMRC PAYE Recognition Scheme. chris²¹ also accommodates specific reporting requirements including LGPS, HESA, SIR and TPA.
chris²¹ creates a centralised, virtual HR office and allows extensive maintenance of HR information with one time data entry and a flexible, user-friendly report designer.
The Payroll module features comprehensive payroll rules to meet statutory compliance, stringent payroll requirements and comprehensive auditing and security facilities and ensures that employees are paid accurately, on time and in accordance with legislation.
Frontier Software also offers a Payroll Outsourcing service. From two UK processing centres, the Service offers traditional bureau arrangements through to fully-managed service contracts. The service is BACS approved and can include secure online access to payroll data, HR and accounting data with unlimited Helpdesk support.

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