Transform the way you work with Civica GIS
Civica GIS supplies leading geographic information systems (GIS), gazetteer management systems and back office solutions helping organisations across the UK deliver better and more efficient services.
Our GIS solutions, which include web, desktop and mobile solutions are used by over 1000 organisations including central government departments and agencies, local authorities, blue light services including over 70% of Fire Services in England, utility companies and a network of map and digital data resellers. Deployments range in scale from single software licenses to corporate enterprise applications, with deployment options ranging from installation on customer infrastructure to fully managed services.
“Civica GIS Solutions are critical to Yorkshire Water’s business operations. Our Staff, contractors and consultant partners make regular use of GIS within our offices, out in the field and on third party sites.” – Ian Mitchell, GIS Consultant, Yorkshire Water
Product Profiles Supplied:
Community Map is a web based GIS designed to improve engagement with citizens (channel shift) and increase internal data management efficiency by replacing desktop GIS.
OpenWINGS is a mobile GIS platform built around a common central GIS hub, designed for improving the efficiency of GIS data use in the field.

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