CCL North Ltd

I.T. Asset Management, Recycling and Disposal Specialists
CCL North is one of the UK’s leading electrical and electronics recycling companies. We specialise in recovery and recycling of end-of-life I.T. equipment, unlocking any residual value for our clients. CCL offers brand and data security and helps clients meet their legislative and environmental obligations on a commercially viable basis.
We work with businesses and organisations throughout the UK and Ireland to recover, recycle, redistribute or remarket their assets and their component materials, according to asset value and client preference.
Our services are utilised by Local Authorities, NHS organisations, Universities and Colleges, Scottish Government and Scottish Parliament as well as many businesses within the Private Sector.
CCL was established in 2000 and has grown over the past 11 years by investment in new processes that have been developed to a point that allows us to achieve almost 100% recycling rate on all equipment processed.
Our services include ……
• End-of-Life I.T. Asset Management
• Redeployment
• Remarketing
• Secure Data Destruction
• Secure Hard Drive Destruction
• Environmentally Friendly Recycling and Disposal
We provide recycling solutions for ………
• Monitors, CRTs, Televisions
• Computers, Laptops, Servers, Printers, Scanners, Hubs/Networking Equipment,Keyboards, Mice
• Mobile Phones, Telecommunications Equipment
• Printed Circuit Boards, Bare Boards, Components
• Component Recovery & Refurbishment
We operate our own fleet of satellite tracked vehicles throughout the UK to give complete peace of mind from collection to destruction.
Why use CCL as your partner?
• A dedicated service delivery manager for multi-site clients
• Asset registration, inventory audit and assessment to provide data to clients on their “surplus” equipment up to serial and asset number level
• Dedicated test programmes to ensure that any item being prepared for reuse is tested to appropriate quality standards
• Secure Data Deletion using industry leading software or physical shredding of hard drives
• Upgrade and refurbishment to achieve maximum reuse rates
• Component and parts recovery
For more information
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