Bright Green Island

Far north in the Baltic sea, is located a small island called Bornholm. 42,000 Danish people live side by side in a fantastic scenery of nature and local life. 
In 2008 Bornholm decided to create a green and sustainable vision for the islands future  a vision that will create richer living conditions, a healthy economy, a sustainable society, green technology. All in all a 100% green island, which is responsible for its actions environmentally and ethically at the same time. This vision is called Bright Green Island.
Bornholm is possibly the best place in the world to test new technologies for renewable energy. Multinational giants like Siemens and IBM, universities, international and danish companies have interest in testing new concepts and products and are using Bornholm as a test island.
Bornholm has been involved in sustainable and green test projects with electric cars, smart grid, clean tech, industrial laundry theory and created a physical community-scale simulation model.
Join Bornholm for the Ecoisland Global Summit 2013
4-6 September Bornholm - Denmark
* Free admission fee for 3 days summit
* 3 days international green network
* Keynote speakers for all over the world
* Case story from international green islands and regions
* Showcase from green companies and green solutions
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