Scaling and data availability are the two problems that every IT project faces, within time. Traditionally, we’ve dealt with that by throwing ever bigger, ever more expensive, hardware at our deployments.

That doesn’t work. It steals money away from places where it can be more useful and it results in just as much uncertainty about how to deal with increasing numbers of users, huge growth in the data we want to store and the need to guarantee data availability.
The NHS in England and the Danish health authority both chose Riak – a new type of database – to solve their scalability and data availability problem.
Riak is a distributed key-value store. It is built from the ground-up to scale easily and cheaply: simply add another commodity server to your cluster and Riak will provide you with that much more capacity.

It also gives you a technical guarantee that it won’t lose data: when you write data to Riak it makes multiple copies across your cluster, so even if things do go wrong you can fall-back to another copy and still keep reading and writing that data.
Riak is built by Basho Technologies and backed by an active open source community. The team at Basho’s London office are keen to come and talk to your team about Riak and how you can build scalable, highly available, applications. Contact us at