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The Meat Hygiene Service (MHS) is responsible for the protection of public health and animal welfare. An executive agency within the Foods Standards Agency, it carries out hygiene inspections and enforces food safety legislation at abattoirs and meat product premises across England, Scotland and Wales.
Food Business Operatives (FBOs) have a legal obligation to provide the MHS with series of important data such as meat inspection results.  Historically the FBOs have relied upon onsite desktop PCs for data collection and transfer. Across the county this amounted to 300 machines and monitors. The PCs were only being used for a fraction of their capability making them expensive hardware that regularly required onsite maintenance by an engineer.

Reducing business burden
Following reviews at the MHS a business burden reduction plan was prepared and an opportunity was identified to reduce the number of PCs by implementing a thin client solution. The new solution would produce significant savings for the FBOs in power consumption reducing the organisation’s carbon foot print and providing real cost saving benefits.
Equanet is a Teir 1 ICT OGC Prime contractor that in partnership with Hampshire based Amicus ITS, a leading business solutions provider, worked closely with the MHS for a number of years. Equanet is a recognised leader in the provision of ICT products and services and Amicus ITS a recognised leader in providing extended managed services to the public sector including the Green Business Solution which provides organisations with a return on green investment (ROGI) through business technology solutions. The Company is the first IT firm to be appointed by Carbon Footprint – an organisation that partners businesses in environmental strategy development and management.

The solution
Working in close consultation with the MHS, Equanet and Amicus ITS developed a power efficient thin client solution using Chip PC Technologies. Equanet and Amicus ITS choose to partner Chip PC as the company is recognised as a global technology leader in desktop thin client computing.
Equanet and Amicus ITS replaced the 300 desktop PCs being used by the MHS with Chip PC thin client terminals using Citrix as the application delivery solution. These terminals run on a fraction of the power that a normal desk top PC uses and cost around 50 per cent less in capital outlay. In addition, the organisation benefited from removing the need for onsite maintenance of the PCs.
As a result the MHS is set to save in excess of £200,000 for FBOs over a five year period. The new environment will significantly reduce power consumption from 75KW across 300 machines to 10.8KW creating a significant carbon reduction of over 30 tonnes of CO2 per year (which is equal to taking five-six cars off the road or 23 flights to the USA). In addition, there is a secondary carbon saving by reducing travel to complete on-site support. Using Chip PC has provided the MHS with a truly green solution that offers a real Return on Green Investment (ROGI).

Experts in IT solutions
Amicus ITS a Southampton Based provider of extended managed IT solutions and 24x7 support services. Equanet is the dedicated business-to-business specialist division of DSG International a leading FTSE 250 multi-national organisation. Chip PC is a leading thin client manufacturer headquartered in Israel with offices across Europe and the US.Key benefits
The Amicus ITS solution provides the MHS with a number of benefits beyond just a direct cost saving over five years.

  • Total cost savings over five years in the region of £200K
  • Reduced cost of hardware – pc to Thin Client
  • Significant power reductions and carbon outputs
  • Improved corporate and social responsibility
  • Centralised maintenance resulting in faster updating and monitoring
  • Fast information turnaround

For more information
Contact Marc White, Sales Manager at Amicus ITS on 02380 429 429 or Mark Penny, Client Director at Equanet on 07734 148700 for further details.

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