Trust and confidence in information systems is essential to ensure uptake of online public services, as argued here by the Central Sponsor for Information Assurance, part of the Cabinet Office

Historically, the removal of confidential information by company insiders has been difficult to prevent.

IMSM looks at why you should join the growing number of national and local government organisations and install the ISO 27001 system

Carrie Hartnell from Intellect reflects on key points contained in the House of Lords report on personal internet security

The Central Sponsor for Information Assurance, part of the Cabinet Office, discusses IT security for the public sector

As traditional paper-based processes become computerised, the need to protect personal data, control access to it and protect the systems storing it becomes greater

Large systems always fail, but only because we let them, says Brian Hambling of the British Computer Society, therefore software testing is an effective risk management tool

Simon Weston OBE, Falklands veteran, will present the keynote speech at the Delegate Reception for BAPCO 2007, the public safety communications event

Last December’s Building a Secure World conference and exhibition highlighted the growing need to tackle issues such as counter terrorism, border and transport security and critical infrastructure protection, in an increasingly integrated and more international way.

Experience  networkable security solutions at IIPSEC 2007 – 23-25 January 2007, Stoneleigh Park, Coventry