Inbox/Outbox 2007

Over the past decade, email has grown exponentially to become the de-facto method for business communications. At the latest count, more than 100 billion emails are sent across the globe on a daily basis and almost 80 per cent of organisations now accept email as confirmation of business transactions.

Out of control?
Recent research indicates that the typical user stores more than half of their critical business information within the confines of the messaging system and sends and receives more than 130 messages on a daily basis; the storage usage equivalent of 1.5 MB every day. In just two years’ time, this number is predicted to double to over 3 MB per day, per user.
Compliance requirements, one of the main drivers behind email archiving and storage, are on the rise - holding organisations more accountable for storing and retrieving data sent and received from their email and instant messaging systems. Analysts estimate that the size of business email volumes sent annually worldwide will soon exceed 3.5 exabytes (approximately 10 million terabytes) daily, with message stores growing at 40 per cent year-on-year to keep up with this exponential growth.
But email storage and archiving are not the only issues keeping IT professionals awake at night. Industry experts predict that spam will remain one of the most significant security threats facing government and commercial organisations in 2007. After a dramatic increase in spam emails coming out of Asia in the last few months, approximately 85 per cent of all emails received are now deemed to be spam. If the renewed surge continues on this track, 90 per cent of all email will be spam by the end of 2007 and 75 per cent of enterprises will be infected with undetected, financially motivated, targeted malware that has evaded their traditional perimeter and host defences.
To make matters worse, most organisations are also on the opposite side of this equation, striving to save time, money and the environment by communicating electronically with their customers - but suffering from rapidly deteriorating levels of deliverability and inadequate legislation covering data protection and personal privacy. Hence, the huge potential efficiency of genuine email correspondence is in real danger of being stifled by the medium’s unprecedented success.
Yet despite all of the trends outlined above, the vast majority of organisations have still to implement adequate systems for monitoring, securing, controlling and archiving their email communications. As a result, most technology analysts confidently predict that the core systems and processes responsible for communications management, content control and compliance will account for an increasingly high proportion of IT investment over the next five years.

Event highlights
Inbox/Outbox is designed to address the full range of management issues surrounding inbound and outbound email communications including security, archiving, retrieval, formulating policy, database management, deliverability, data protection, privacy and compliance with the latest legislation. This year’s all-new event takes place at the New Connaught Rooms in central London, employing an innovative educational format to deliver:

  • Cutting-edge programme featuring the latest thinking from both sides of the Atlantic
  • Bespoke itinerary allowing you to choose from more than 30 complimentary seminars each day
  • Hands-on demonstrations of the latest solutions from specialist suppliers
  • One-to-one advice from industry experts in our complimentary Consultancy Clinic
  • Excellent networking opportunities with your peers and valuable industry contacts
  • Complimentary lunch and refreshments on both days of the event.

Free conference programme - highlights
At Inbox / Outbox 2007, a modular programme of free educational seminars follows a similar format on both days of the event - giving delegates two chances to attend and select sessions of their choice.Key highlights include:

  • Ferris Research present a current view of the key matters related to email and other communication technologies with an insight on emerging issues likely to become major concerns by 2012
  • The Information Commissioner’s Office update on data protection, privacy and new legislation
  • Butler Group go beyond email, exploring the future of communications for the next generation
  • Mesmo Consultancy offer practical advice on the human aspects of formulating and managing policy
  • ESPC explain the latest developments in deliverability & ID management
  • Google ask why corporate systems are so complex, calling for greater simplicity and useability
  • Spam Wars II: Making ISPs Accountable – debate with a panel of industry experts and public interaction

In addition to a wide range of high-level keynote sessions, delegates can also create their own bespoke itinerary on practical issues such as:

  • Email risk management
  • The gains and pains of large scale mobile email deployment
  • Winning at email security, archiving and continuity
  • Email archival and search engine – the key to document management
  • Unified and real time  communications - bona fide benefit, genuine threat.
  • Solving compliance, capacity and storage issues for email
  • Managed email – a bespoke solution in a commodity world
  • The "what, why, how, when and who" of sender authentication
  • Ensuring the recoverability of business critical email systemsGetting ahead and staying competitive with mobile solutions
  • Compliance vs. storage vs email availability – managing and protecting your data plus many, many more.

A co-located exhibition and networking area will showcase the latest email management solutions from many of the world’s leading technology suppliers - creating an unmissable forum for learning and taking direct action. Key participants include: Barracuda Networks, BSG, C2C Systems Ltd, CommuniGator, Commvault, Computer Associates, Creatormail, Doubletake Software, EMC Corporation, Essential Computing, Etelligent, Excitor (DME), Exclaimer, Face Time, Galleon Systems, Google, H2 Systems, Lightspeed Systems, Europe Ltd, Marshal, Message Hub, Messaging Architects, Mimecast Services Ltd, Pixalert, Research In Motion (BlackBerry), Techland Group (ArcMail Technology) and many more.

Free registration
Places at Inbox / Outbox 2007 are offered at no charge to senior executives and technology professionals involved in managing and archiving inbound and outbound email communications, improving security and ensuring compliance with the latest legislation.Register online now at to reserve your free place and receive the full programme of seminars, demonstrations and exhibits.For more information
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