IIPSEC is a three-day technology exhibition. The word ‘IIPSEC’ standing for the International Internet Protocol in Security Exhibition and Conference. Internet Protocol (or IP as it’s known) is the term that describes the technology that allows the connection of any peripheral product over an Ethernet or TCP/IP Network. The event is the largest gathering of dedicated network based security technology in Europe and attracts visitors from all corners of the globe.

Network Security Technology
IIPSEC continues to lead the field in delivering ‘Next Generation’ network solutions for use within security, life safety and building management applications. Throughout this invaluable three-day experience, the event will be unlocking the true potential of IP technology through an extensive showcase of products and the popular educational programme, conference and new breakout sessions.
Constant innovation means that 2008 will become the year where security, life safety and building management converge and this will affect us all. It will alter the way organisations – from the public sector to private enterprise, from small business to the corporate world – protect and manage their organisations in the future. These issues will start to impact on your business, so see beyond the hype and discover the reality by attending IIPSEC 2008.
IIPSEC attracts the world’s market leading hardware, software and solutions providers who will present a vast array of new technology aimed specifically at our industry. With fresh thinking, new techniques and advanced methodologies the theme, this year’s event will explore numerous hot topics that will help enhance the performance and efficiency of security systems.
See, meet and select from the biggest names in IP. IP technology is changing the way security and BMS is sold, designed and deployed. IIPSEC is at the cutting-edge of these changes and the event is the only place where you the stakeholders can engage with the technologists. Through a rich combination of live demonstrations, on-hand experts and practical advice, the event provides an entry point into the digital world to visitors at all levels.

Experience the reality of integrated solutions. The introduction of networkable systems is making huge leaps in the way businesses manage security, life safety and real estate. Yet more and more organisations are finding that the proliferation of devices, solutions and applications hinder the ability to gain real value and benefits. IIPSEC will unravel the concept of unifying all this technology into a single, open environment realising the full potential and benefit to the client.  
Update your understanding, before you upgrade the technology. With over 60 educational tracks, breakout sessions, workshops and conferences IIPSEC 2008 will provide its most comprehensive learning experience ever. The event will once again unite the key figures from within the industry to address seminars, panel discussions and round table sessions providing the perfect opportunity for practitioners, stakeholders, consultants and others to acquire the necessary knowledge to benefit from the IP revolution. Dedicated to technical innovation in security and life safety applications.

Hot Topics at IIPSEC 2008
Communications: the glue that hold the system together – The use of wireless network technologies, optical fibre and GPS is expanding rapidly; IIPSEC will help address critical issues for designers and integrators in this very crowded unlicensed space. The event will look at the most prevalent and the most promising new technologies, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each, discussing how these technologies are impacting security and life safety applications now as well as likely trends for the near future.
Joined-up Security: Networked solutions are key – with concerns for home security, workplace safety, theft prevention, and potential litigation, today's security conscious organisations are implementing integrated network based video surveillance and access control projects at an unprecedented rate. As the home of networked solutions IIPSEC will be delivering the very latest products from the leading vendors, supported by a first class education programme.
Intelligent Video: Analytics; fact or fiction –
IIPSEC will be featuring the true potential of VCA and showcasing some of the latest techniques now being implemented across a wide range of market sectors. The event will allow delegates to see live demonstrations and learn more about how this technology can create additional sales revenue and enhance system functionality.
Hi-definition video
Mega-pixel or bust: Hi-definition video transforming CCTV – as the cost of bandwidth and storage decreases the utilisation of high definition mega-pixel CCTV systems will increase and with the market leaders in mega-pixel technology showcasing the very latest developments, IIPSEC is the ideal place to take a closer look at what the revolution means in practice.
Convergence: More than just an abstract concept – the benefits of delivering truly open and interoperable integration between building management systems and network based security is becoming more financially sound. Today’s facility owners and managers are demanding ‘intelligent buildings’ that join together proprietary systems and technologies to deliver a seamless monitoring solution. IIPSEC will be featuring real life scenarios and highlighting the technology issues surrounding the connectivity of such systems. The word ‘convergence’ has taken on more importance as open connectivity allows the joining together of CCTV, access control, alarms, fire and PA systems allowing operators to share information and increase efficiency.
Analytical Software – 3D Face, Hand and Eye Recognition Systems – Behavioural Activity Software – Convergence Software – Dial-up, Private ADSL, GSM and Hi – Speed Circuit Providers – Digital Video Recorders – Ethernet Powered IP Adaptors  – IP Cameras/Domes  – IP Public Address (P/A) Systems – IP Video Servers (Codec's) – RFID - Location Enabling Enterprise Technology – RS232/RS485 and – Digital Ethernet Gateways – Software Driven Image Recording – Software Development Kit (SDK) Providers – Mega Pixel Resolution Cameras – Mobile Video Streaming – Mobility Wireless Devices – Mission Critical Security Technology – Network Training – Network Video Recorders (NVR's) – Number Plate Recognition Software – System Integration Software – Raid Storage Devices – Remote Network – Central Stations – Video Decoders – Wireless Point to Point / Point to Multipoint – Integrators – Wireless and Satellite Transmission – Plus much more.

IP in Security Innovation Awards
IP in Security Awards scheme is a celebration of innovative IP based security products or services that meet and exceed the demands of today’s new breed of solution providers and end-users.

The winners will be announced at the Gala Awards Dinner, which takes place on the Wednesday evening of the IIPSEC show week (30 January 2008). The dinner will be well attended by key industry members and media giving the winning products unrivalled profiling on the evening.

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