Enabling identity assurance

Daon is a leading provider of identity assurance software products focused on meeting the needs of governments and commercial organisations worldwide. Daon supports customers and system integrators in building enterprise solutions requiring the highest level of security, performance, scalability, reliability and privacy.
Daon’s multi-modal authentication infrastructure, DaonEngine, integrates seamlessly with IT platforms and applications and manages the identity life-cycle of small and large populations. The DaonApplicationSuite provides a powerful tool for faster development of scalable, robust and secure identity registration and vetting solutions.
Daon’s technology is appropriate for many arenas including law enforcement, border control, airport security, civil ID programmes, physical and logical access control, employee credentialing and e-passport.
Enterprise-wide identity assurance
Daon enables enterprise-wide identity assurance, with a suite of products that provide a simple and consistent way to implement identity-based solutions in a fast, flexible and cost-efficient manner. Based on a modern, component-based design and an open, standards-based architecture, the Daon Identity Assurance Product Suite provides the enabling technology wherever people need to be identified - extending existing IT investment, while countering the risks of identity fraud.
Government organisations can use the Daon Identity Assurance Product Suite to deploy vendor-independent solutions using any biometric type, algorithm or device. The International Biometric Group (IBG) has validated Daon as a Tier 1 vendor in biometrics, and its technology has been independently assessed as “best in class” for scalability, availability, security and flexibility.
The Daon product suite comprises a comprehensive service-oriented platform that includes DaonEngine and the Daon Multi-Platform Software Development Kit (SDK). The Daon SDK offers easy integration to COTS, custom and legacy applications, enabling rapid development of mission critical solutions with minimum effort.
Daon provides a uniform management structure for multiple identity mechanisms including biometrics (finger, face, and iris), cards, tokens, RFIDs, travel documents, PINs and passwords, within a flexible deployment architecture. The Daon platform delivers a solid foundation that scales from initial pilots to enterprise-wide deployments. It addresses changing authentication policies; evolution to new technologies; business continuity; system administration and total lifecycle cost; while delivering the highest levels of security, privacy, scalability and availability. System integrators, solution providers and application developers are using Daon’s technology to enhance, extend and secure their critical solutions.
Joint forces
Daon frequently teams with leading technology companies to bring joint offerings to market. One such example is their relationship with Oracle Corporation. Daon and Oracle have joined forces to provide a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) identity infrastructure to enable the development of multiple public sector solutions that require strong forms of authentication, including multiple biometric types.
This mission critical infrastructure is an open standards-based Service Oriented Architecture that provides a common platform for existing and new applications. It is based on Oracle Fusion Architecture, a complete, future-proofed application development, integration and deployment environment that can accommodate new capabilities and open standards as they emerge. The underlying database architecture is Oracle Grid Computing, which provides built-in, independently evaluated Common Criteria EAL4, information security and high availability. The Oracle Grid can scale to handle massive data volumes, using low cost hardware and a variety of operating systems, including Linux.
The Daon-Oracle Identity Assurance solutions can be seen in a live demo environment at the Oracle Demo Center at Thames Valley Park, Reading. Another example of Daon’s strong partner relationships is a solution developed for the aviation industry. Within the last few months, Daon has developed the world’s leading interoperable identity management system for travellers using biometric data – the Central Identity Management System (CIMS). CIMS was developed in partnership with the Transportation Security Clearinghouse (TSC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE).
Developed and fielded in 69 days, the CIMS solution provides an excellent example of the capabilities within Daon’s organisation to architect, develop and implement a complex, large-scale biometrics solution to stringent government standards.  
CIMS is just one example of Daon’s innovation and commitment to excellence. The company is frequently recognised for excellent performance by the industry. Daon was presented the 2005 Frost & Sullivan Emerging Company Award in recognition of their leading technology, sound strategy and market success. Daon was also recognised earlier this year as a Future 50 Company by Washington Smart CEO Magazine and Grant Thornton.
With offices in London, Washington, DC; Canberra and Dublin, Daon is an international leader in biometrics software. Daon is the current Chair of the European Biometric Forum, a leading industry organisation which works closely with the European Commission and EU member states to provide future direction and standards for the use of biometrics in government sponsored programmes in Europe. For more information
For further information please visit www.daon.com  

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