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Despite living in the electronic age of Web 2.0 and Blackberries, there’s no getting away from the fact that paper continues to invade our working lives. Organising documents and information in ways that save time and space is essential for optimal efficiency in the workplace. Scanned and Delivered Ltd specialises in providing document management solutions and services built to the specific requirements of our clients.
The company works in all market sectors, including central government and utilities, and with our software systems we offer proven document management solutions for all operating systems and file formats. This includes the ability to capture scanned documents along with data created in standard line of business applications including Microsoft Office applications, SAP and email. Complementing this we also offer a number of quality-led outsourced services and solutions.
Our philosophy is that document and records management technology should be available to businesses of all sizes. To date this has been an issue for smaller businesses as the cost is highly prohibitive, so our aim has been to develop and build solutions that enable all businesses to benefit from our document management services. We’ve achieved this by working with different solution providers allowing us to build a suite of products that meet with a multitude of business process and budget requirements.
Traditionally there are two routes to capturing documents within a distributed network of offices, the first being to gather all documents into a central document scanning department. The second method of capture is to install a dedicated scan station into each site and pay the additional costs for installation and maintenance.  
Unique solution
We’ve developed a unique solution enabling organisations to scan documents from multiple sites through a web-based interface. One single installation on the corporate intranet website or subscription to our hosting imaging service can have multiple sites scanning documents into a central repository in minutes. Imagine a scenario where remote or home workers can scan forms directly into a central system which extracts data and starts a workflow process leading to fast conclusions to applications or appeals.
Using our solution users benefit from a simple-to-use interface that supports over 300 different scanners. Quite simply this distributed scanning model is extremely cost effective and offers as much functionality as traditional scanning solutions.
This web-based document capture solution has allowed Scanned and Delivered to add a number of on-demand services to our product range. These solutions enable us to meet the needs of a rapidly growing marketplace, and we believe that there are a number of reasons why businesses should look at the option of outsourcing their document management, workflow and archive retrieval systems, not least of all because it is extremely cost effective compared to deploying and managing a system on site.
Highest levels of security
In order to successfully deliver on-demand services we have to ensure that documents are available 24/7, through a secure interface. To do this, Scanned and Delivered make use of Storage Area Networks, mirroring and the highest levels of internet security.
What is the benefit of outsourcing your document capture, management and workflow processes? Quite simply it’s down to cost and manageability. Through outsourcing these services you have the ability to make use of a highly secure, scalable and reliable infrastructure without the capital outlay required to build such a solution internally.
Imagine being able to make use of a full free forms processing software solution, without having to find the capital expenditure from a tight budget. We therefore have a solution that has huge money-saving implications and enables customers to undertake data capture from multiple document types without having to buy applications internally.
Our hosted solutions are not only limited to scanned document as we can also manage documents created from line of business applications and Microsoft Office type applications. These solutions work with your on-going document capture requirements, but what about your historical data? Our Scan on Demand service is invaluable if you have a large archive and want to make use of document management systems. We will store all your original files in an off-site facility, so that when a document is needed it is simply scanned straight into your document management repository, which we can host or have installed on your site.
Cost effective solutions
This service is designed so that you pay for the document storage as normal, but rather than paying for the retrieval of physical documents you pay for the retrieval of scanned documents instead. Alternatively, Scanned and Delivered could use our efficient and cost-effective document scanning bureau. Using high-speed scanners from Kodak and Fujitsu we have the ability to capture documents of all sizes to an extremely high standard, offering a fixed-price service with the capacity for in excess of 200,000 documents per week.
In conclusion, by using leading-edge technology with innovative ideas, Scanned and Delivered has the ability to deliver incredibly cost-effective, yet highly scalable, resilient and secure document and records management solutions and services.For more information
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