Digital revolution

The initiative seeks to ensure Cardiff remains at the forefront of technology deployment in the UK by supporting and facilitating investment from technology providers.
Cardiff Council has always seeked to embrace technology as a key enabler across the public and private sectors to improve competitiveness, sustainability and the quality and experience of everyday life in the capital.
ICT is radically changing the way we live our lives and as such has an increasing influence over the shape of modern economies and communities.

The initiative
The initiative considers the importance of digital technologies in positioning Cardiff’s economic development into an advanced 21st Century city. Through collaboration with partners in the public and private sectors it aims to facilitate the on-going development of Cardiff’s technology platform to improve economic competitiveness, quality of life and public service delivery.
The city was one of the first to have all its telephone exchanges enabled for broadband internet access and was also among the first to have significant wireless broadband access.

Committed to development
Executive Member for Economic Development, Cllr McEvoy, said: “Broadband has boosted the Welsh economy and is now an essential commodity for business.
“Cardiff has been at the forefront of technological developments over the last decade and we want to continue our work with the private sector to ensure the city stays at the cutting edge of technology investment in the UK.”

Part of the initiative outlines a campaign for Wales to have its own top-level domain dot CYM (.cym) rather than the traditional dot COM or dot CO.UK.
In response to growing pressure from around the globe the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) decided in June 2008 to admit a range of top-level domains (TLD) to the Internet addressing system.
As the capital city for Wales, Cardiff has chosen to support the campaign to establish a TLD for Wales, which would assist a focus on Cardiff and Wales internationally. At present, the four countries that make up the United Kingdom are covered by a single TLD dot CO.UK. Subsequently a number of key campaigns in the UK have emerged to develop nation specific TLDs.
Google and Yahoo have confirmed that local domains such as dot CYM will score higher in searches including related terms like Wales or Cymru. Many Welsh software and IT businesses will obtain a boost from the additional services that they could offer around a dedicated Welsh internet domain.
Cllr Neil McEvoy said: “The campaign for a new and unique Top Level Domain for Wales is based on numerous economic and social benefits. For businesses in Wales the dot CYM TLD will provide an opportunity to register some of the best domain names that are short, descriptive and memorable.
“Wales would also benefit from improved marketing globally as a tourism destination and business market by setting aside and managing names such as and www.visit.cym.
“We have a great brand called Wales, dot CYM enhances our opportunity of selling it. Also, the Welsh language gives us an advantage in competing with similar English cities. Welsh existed 1,500 years before English and forms part of our distinctiveness, dot CYM reflects this and will generate an interest in our nation.”

Welsh branding

Chief executive of ‘dotCYM’, Siôn Jobbins, said: “The dot CYM domain will give people in Cardiff, Wales and the Welsh diaspora the choice to brand their products, services, interests, sports and communities with a distinct Welsh brand.
“It will be a way for local businesses in Cardiff to show they're part of the fabric of Cardiff life. This is a very good decision for Cardiff business, society and the status of Cardiff as the capital of Wales."
In order to strengthen an application to ICANN, ‘dotCYM’ is recruiting members and supporters to demonstrate the need and local support for a TLD for Wales. This now consists of over 400 organisations and companies, including WAG, and many more individuals.

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